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New vehicle fleet! A new and performinpark 


Buggy: is a fun vehicle that provokes intense emotions! hair in the wind, good road holding, driving comfortably you have an intense sensation of speed. It 'a very fun vehicle, able to go anywhere. It is comfortable, safe and do not need any special expertise you need is your driver's license. Available to everyone, not being designed for running, but for long trips on off-road trails, its tires and its dampers allow a good road holding and procure a wonderful feeling of freedom. Ideal for excursions with the whole family and more.

Moto: a mix of passion, a sense of freedom and adrenaline: allows you to live a unique experience off the beaten track, venting and having fun. Riding a bike, you can take exciting off-road circuits and the high dunes of the desert, overlooking the immense Eastern Erg sand sea and feeling the emotions of the great drivers of the African rallies or inland Portuguese and Andalusian. professional staff - technical support - logistics.

Bikes available for hire: KTM and Husqvarna.

Quad: the ATV or quad called jargon is considered the 4-wheel motorcycle and a mini-SUV. What offers more: the quad does not give up where other vehicles bog down! It is characterized by any other means, for two main points: a different method of driving and a great versatility. Fun, powerful and aggressive is designed to address off-road in all its stability.

Mountain bike: the Mountain Bike (MTB) is a suitable vehicle for our circuits, able to make the best of your passion, distracted and finding well-being between movement and nature. Southern Tunisia, Andalusia, the Algarve is conquered territories for those who ride a mountain bike, thanks to the geographical and morphological characteristics and the breathtaking views, our circuits are appreciated by both amateurs and professionals. Our raid, able to offer landscapes of unique appeal, have seen the people of bikers challenge themselves in harmony with pleasant moments of aggregation and conviviality. Head for the airport .... the rest to us!