About us

Buggy and bike team

"Buggy & Bike" is the specialist circuits and raids Buggy, Quad, Side by Side and Motorcycle Enduro 


Our job :

The design, structure and organization of tours and raids in buggies, quad, SSV and motorcycles to a clientele in search of unusual discoveries and sensations with expert Adventure.

Our objective :

You discover the most beautiful circuits off the beaten track at the wheel or handlebars of performance machines and safely

Our skills:

Years of experience on the most beautiful areas "off road" in Europe and Africa (Portugal, Romania, Italy, Sicily, Albania, Tunisia, Ageria, Morocco ...)

A perfect mastery of the organization in places unusual and "cut" of the World.

An expert team of mechanics can solve "almost" all the situations on the ground

Technical supervision capable of providing steering advice on all types of terrain (trial course, sand, stone, river crossing, up, down ...)

An educational approach to meet the level and expectations of everyone in the use of navigation tools (compass, GPS, map reading ...)

The team:

Leonardo, Angela, Faustino, Mafalda, Sergiu ...


Before entering into this adventure it is important we know your level of experience, for Buggy and Bike nothing is taken for granted..  We want you to take the lead of your own holiday.




Leonardo: Founder of Buggy and Bike

A Professional guide and mechanical engineer.  He is passionate and a great traveller. At 18 years of age he began his extreme travelling adventure, leaving Italy he headed towards Russia, travelling to the Artic Circle, Katsaquistan, Kighistan, on returning to Europe he travelled to Morocco and settled in Tunisia.

From cold to hot, from tundra to desert, from snow to frost, from frost to sand, by Lorry, by Buggy and Moto.

His experience in the world of adventure makes him the ideal person to give you wonderful experiences through his trips, regardless of your level, whether beginners or experienced. In order to widen your horizon he has created Buggy and Bike Portugal in 2016. We offer the best service available.

Angela: Co-founder of Buggy & Bike

They met socially and via a bet, she entered his world of adventure. Together they have decided to explore North Africa. They fell in love with its people and the location, and taken by the desire of creating their own company, to share with you, their experiences. After the creating of Bike and Buggy in Tetouan in 2007  and after their African adventure, they headed towards new horizons creating in 2015 a new base in Portugal, in the Algarve, offering a wider range of destinations. Angela is the gifted co-ordinator who runs the logistics within the Buggy and Bike, giving the answer to all your expectations, preparing the best package for your experience with Bike and Buggy: from means of transport, (flights, ferries) Overnight accomodation allowance to access and many more details in order to offer you the experience according to your needs.








The Plus Points of Buggy and Bike expedition

Buggy & Bike is a recent company forming an active and dynamic team ready to satisfy everyones dream, under the highest level of security, nature, culture and adventure. Focusing on the cultural and natural aspects as a proposal of solutions on a daily basis, guided by the enthusiasm of discovering new places without using intermediary, either direct or indirectly, comfortable vehicles, upto specification (Buggy, Moto KTT, Quad ) allow you to reach normally inaccesible locations.

Perfect knowedge of the areas.

Experience in organising the routes.

Frequent departures.

Temporary camps of high quality and comfort, keeping the spirit of authenticity. 

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